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Linton School Board accepts teachers’ resignations

The Linton School Board accepted resignations from two long-time staff members during its regular meeting on April 22.

Mrs. Carol Ogren, a 5th grade instructor, submitted a letter of resignation to the board. Ogren has been an educator for 40 years, including the past 34 years at Linton Public School, and she stated in her letter that she plans to retire at the end of the school year. Board member JoAnn Humann made a motion to accept Ogren’s resignation/ retirement, and board member Tiffany Heer seconded the motion. The motion carried, 5-0.

Linton Elementary School Principal Brian Flyberg told the board that Mrs. Denise Pfeifer, who currently serves as the K-4 Reading Coach and Elementary Music Director, has expressed an interest in moving to a self-contained classroom position, so the school will advertise for both Ogren’s vacated position, as well as for a K-4 Reading Coach/Music Director.

The board also received a letter of resignation from Mrs. Raylene Henkelmann, who has served as a Title I aide at Linton Public School for 24 years. Board member Humann made a motion to accept Henkelmann’s resignation, effective May 17, with a second by board member Pat Huber. The motion carried, 5-0. The district will advertise for a Title I aide at the end of the school year.

Principal Flyberg noted that staffing for grades K-5 will somewhat change for the 2013-14 school year, due to Mrs. Ogren’s retirement. The changes include kindergarten (Mrs. Delrae Hulm), first grade (Mrs. June Larson), second grade (Mrs. Lori Jacob), third grade (Mrs. Joan Hettich and Mrs. Jaime Richter), fourth grade (Mrs. Sandy Feist), and fifth grade (Mr. Pat Gerving and Mrs. Ogren’s replacement).

Principal Flyberg informed the board that the Elementary School secretary vacancy has been filled by Mrs. Lacey Jangula. Mrs. Jangula will replace Mrs. Rhonda Dockter, who resigned after four years at the school. Mrs. Jangula will begin her duties on May 20, and Mrs. Dockter’s final day will be May 23.

The board also:

• Heard from Linton High School FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Advisor Mrs. Jackie Wald, who informed the board about national conventions that will be held this summer for FCCLA, as well as FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). Wald said Linton FBLA Chapter Advisor Mrs. Megan Wald was unable to attend the meeting, but J. Wald submitted a letter to the board from students Megan Schumacher and Samantha Barfield, who will attend the National FBLA Conference in Anaheim, Calif., in July.

Wald said four students also qualified for the National FCCLA Conference, which will be held in Nashville, Tenn., in July, and at least three of those students have expressed the desire to attend. Wald added that the cost is about $1,500 per student, and students would be responsible for most of that expense.

Wald said students have held several fund-raisers in the past, but it was decided this year to limit fund-raisers to two events. She said there are several ideas for fundraisers, but those events will not cover the entire expense for the students, and she asked the board to pay the registration fees for the students at the national conferences, which is $175 per student ($700 overall) for FCCLAand $100 per student ($200 overall) for FBLA.

Board member Humann made a motion for the district to pay the registration fees ($900) for the FCCLA and FBLA National Conferences, and board member Arnold Vetter seconded. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Unanimously approved a motion made by board member Vetter, and seconded by board member Humann for the district to seek a State grant to install security cameras and doors throughout the school facility. Linton School Superintendent Alan Bjornson told the board that the State has grants available to pay 50 percent of a security improvement project up to $25,000. Bjornson said the district received a bid from Midwest Securities to complete the project for $35,000, and the district would be responsible to pay $17,500 after the grant.

• Unanimously approved a motion by board member Humann, and seconded by board member Heer to purchase two new stoves for the kitchen. The total cost of the project will be $8,733.

• Hired Rath & Mehrer PC to conduct an audit on the district for the 2012-13 year. Board member Huber made a motion to move forward with the audit, and board member Humann seconded the motion. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Allocated the custodian positions for the 2013-14 school year. Supt. Bjornson said there were two full-time and two part-time custodian positions at the school, but there will now be three full-time positions, and the custodians will be assigned to certain areas of the school building.

• Heard from Mrs. Jackie Wald on behalf of the Linton Education Association (LEA). Wald said the LEA sponsored an Acalympics competition on April 2, and th event went very well.

Wald added that the LEA held denim days recently in which proceeds went to the Grad Finale and Strasburg High School student Alissa Leier. Wald also presented a check in the amount of $100 to the board to be used toward the district’s annual scholarship program.

• Voted unanimously in favor of sharing an Elementary School Counselor with Strasburg Public School. Supt. Bjornson said Mrs. Jeanette Mausehund is currently the counselor for the entire student body (K-12), and the district felt it was necessary to hire another counselor to help out.

Bjornson said Strasburg Public School has agreed to share an Elementary Counselor with Linton, and the Strasburg District will pay a third of the counselor’s salary. Bjornson said Mrs. Mausehund will serve as the Linton High School (9-12) Counselor, and also work with Title I at the high school level. The new counselor will be at Linton School three days a week, and serve two days a week at Strasburg School.

Board member Huber made a motion to advertise for an elementary counselor, with a second by board member Heer. The motion carried, 5-0.

• Upcoming events in Supt. Bjornson’s report included the National Honor Society trip to Minneapolis, Minn. (April 24-26), State Speech Meet in Grand Forks (April 27), LHS Activities Banquet (April 29), Region Fine Arts meeting in Kulm (May 2), Junior/Senior Banquet (May 6), and Linton High School Prom (May 11).

• Upcoming events in Principal Flyberg’s report included Staff Appreciation and National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 7), K-4 Muffins for Moms (May 8), Kindergarten program (May 8), and Grade 4 field trip (May 8). Flyberg said the last day of the after school program is April 30, and there will be puberty talks for Grade 5 students and Scoliosis screenings for Grade 6 girls on May 1. The last day of school is Friday, May 17, and Linton High School Commencement exercises are on Sunday, May 19.

Flyberg gave an update on the graduation composite project, which will be completed in the next few weeks. The project, which put the composites from 1928-73 into folders at ground level, costs approximately $3,000.

Flyberg said there will be a student attending kindergarten this fall who is allergic to peanut products, and there was recently a meeting to make Linton Public School allergy-friendly. Attending the meeting were Supt. Bjornson, Principal Flyberg, the child’s mother, Head Cook Michelle Bosch, board member Humann, and Kindergarten instructor Mrs. Delrae Hulm. Flyberg said peanut butter will no longer be available for lunch, and will be replaced by either WOWBUTTER or SunButter products.

• Heard from board member Huber, who said she received a complaint from a parent that students are skipping detention study hall, when it is assigned to them. Supt. Bjornson said students who skip assigned detention have to serve inschool suspension, where they spend the school day in the principal’s office. Bjornson told the board that parents should contact him or Principal Flyberg if they have complaints about school matters, because school board members have no knowledge of the day-to-day activities at the school.

• Board member Huber questioned the board’s decision at the March 18 meeting to allow Mr. Dan Carr to begin Drivers’Education classes on the final day of school (May 17). At the March meeting, board member Humann made a motion to allow Mr. Carr to teach the drivers’ ed. course on the final day (May 17) of school, and board member Heer seconded the motion. The motion carried, 4-1, with Huber voting against it.

Huber expressed concern that Mr. Carr will be paid twice in one day for doing one job, since he is being paid by the district to teach regular classes on May 17, and also being paid for instructing the drivers’ ed. course, and she said that Mr. Carr should use a personal day to teach the class.

However, Supt. Bjornson said the board based its decision on the fact that students do not have regular classes on the final day, and teachers are more-or-less chaperones for their classrooms. In other words, it is not a benefit to Mr. Carr to start the drivers’ ed. course on the final day, since he would be paid for both positions anyway, and would have to instruct a class that he would not normally have on that day. Bjornson said the proposal was made as a benefit to the student’s parents. The board took no further action on the matter.

• Scheduled the next regular meeting for Monday, May 20, at 7:30 p.m., in the high school library.

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