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Sheriff notifies public of registered offender

The Emmons County Sheriff ’s Office has released the following information pursuant to North Dakota Century Code 12.1-32-15, which requires law enforcement agencies to disclose to the public relevant and necessary registration information when a sexual offender registered under this section is a public risk and disclosure of the registration is necessary for public protection.

Joshua James Wrigley, 18, was convicted of having sexual contact with a juvenile while he was himself a juvenile living in Montana.

He is living and working in Linton.

In accordance with North Dakota State Law Wrigley was required to register in North Dakota as a sexual offender.

The offender is not wanted by the law enforcement at this time and has served the sentence imposed by the court. This notification is not intended to increase fear in the community. It is the belief of the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office that an informed public is a safer public.

The Emmons County Sheriff’s Office does not have control over where the offender chooses to reside, work, socialize or go to school unless the court has deemed it necessary to place restrictions on the offender’s movements.

The risk level recently assigned to the offender by the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office is based on factual criminological information which has been provided by the courts, prosecutors, probation/parole officers, case files, offender treatment files, and/or other law enforcement agencies. The Attorney General’s Office has determined and assigned Mr. Wrigley as an “Undetermined” risk level at this time. The Attorney General’s Office is currently reviewing his convictions and case file and will later assign a risk level.

The information shared with the public is for “safety” reasons only. This information is not intended or to be used to threaten, harass, assault or intimidate the registered offender.

“Your personal safety and the safety of your family are important to the members of the Emmons County Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Gary Sanders said. “Please take the time to report any suspicious or criminal activity. The safety of our community depends on your willingness to get involved.”

The phone numbers are: Emergency: 911. Emmons County Sheriff ’s Office: (701) 254-4411.

Registered sex offenders in North Dakota are listed at www.sexoffender.nd.gov.

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