2013-05-16 / Community News


By Brenda Nolz

Bethany Feist was home for the weekend at the Jim Feist home. She helped Marie with several projects plus helped Jim and Mark on Sunday. Her reward was some of her favorite meals. Veronica Peterson and Collin stopped in for a visit Saturday afternoon. Dennis and Wendy Feist, Paige and friend, Scotti, and Hannah were up for supper Sunday evening. They brought ice cream to eat with Mark’s birthday cake.

On Sunday Tom, Joyce and Emily Scherr, Vicki, Frank, Rebecca and Hannah Meier, Jr. and Brenda Nolz and Brenda’s sister, Sheila, of Phoenix, Ariz., Pius and Gloria Lacher and Leonard, Cleo and Jen Weichel went to Pollock, S.D., for supper to celebrate Leonard and Joyce’s birthdays! Fun was had by all!

Last weekend Brenda Nolz traveled to the Bismarck Airport where she picked up her sister, Sheila Vossler of Phoenix. On Saturday Brenda and Sheila spent the day with their parents in Wishek, Wilbert and LaVerna Vossler. Lester and Lorraine Lang of Ashley and Oscar Vossler also joined the group for a day of visiting and lunch. On Monday Brenda took Sheila back to the airport for her return trip to Phoenix. Meanwhile Brenda boarded a plane for Minneapolis, Minn., where she met up with Rachel Nolz and Heidi Harkins. The three then boarded a plane for Amsterdam arriving there at 10:30 a.m. They did a lot of walking the first day exploring the city. They went to the Anne Frank House on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday they boarded a bus for a day long excursion to Bruges, Belgium. The city is famous for its ancient churches, wealthy mansions, picturesque alleys and canals. Bruges is also known for its local beers, lace and chocolate making. The three ladies went on a canal cruise in Belgium. Wednesday night, after returning to Amsterdam, they got a little bit lost, but got to see more of the city that way and meet more friendly people. People in Amsterdam and Bruges are very friendly and helpful. They like to listen to us talk because of OUR accents. On Thursday morning they went to the Rijks Museum and ate lunch at Europe’s smallest restaurant, Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs. What an experience that was and I would highly recommend it. “Great pancakes in a cozy old house.” It’s a small pancake restaurant - literally four or five tables in the center of Amsterdam. Pancakes, done in many ways, are a Dutch speciality, and they make very good ones in many different types - from sweet to pizzalike. The restaurant is in a nice small old house, which makes it very charming. The stairs, very steep, show you why in Amsterdam bulky home appliances are hauled in and out through windows. The atmosphere is very much homey, aided by the decor of about a hundred different teapots hanging from the ceiling. After lunch and before heading to the airport they walked through the Red Light District. It is recommended to walk through that area before 10:30 p.m. It is very tame during the day and filled with tourists. The main mode of transportation is bicycles. A good time was had by all.

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