2013-05-16 / Top News

Linton School Board discusses disciplinary policy for students

The Linton School Board discussed disciplinary actions for students who violate the school’s alcohol, tobacco or drug policy during a special meeting on May 7.

The special meeting was called to discuss teacher negotiations, but before the board went into executive session, Superintendent Alan Bjornson addressed an anonymous letter sent to himself and the board members pertaining to punishment of a student for violating the school’s alcohol policy.

Supt. Bjornson said the student in question was charged with possession of alcohol in March, which warrants a six-week suspension from NDHSAA-sponsored activities. NDHSAA activities include all sports, plus Drama, Speech, Music, Debate and Student Congress.Additional school activities include FBLA,Acalympics, FCCLA, Student Council, andAthletic Club.

Bjornson said the student was not involved in any activities at the time of the suspension, and according to the school’s handbook, there is not a six-week suspension for students who are not involved in activities. Bjornson said in this case, the student was excluded from the next activity or function after the suspension, and the student was not allowed to attend the Spring Awards Banquet.

Bjornson suggested that the board review the school handbook during the July meeting, and make the appropriate changes to issue a similar punishment to students who violate the alcohol, tobacco and drug policy, and are not involved in activities.

Bjornson added that seniors who violate the policy are stripped of their senior privileges the rest of the school year. The board took no further action on the matter.

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