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Strasburg Care Center

By Brenda Compaan

Rose Wald visits with Martin Wald on a regular basis.

Harold Ryckman is here on a regular basis to visit with Mary Ryckman.Also visiting was Eddie Kramer Sr.

Clinton Dykema had company to include Marlene Dykema, Jim Hollaar, Carol Jean and Ernie Dykema, Carol Int Veldt, and Eldon Hollaar.

Visiting Lucinda Schneider this past week was Matt Schneider on several occasions. Also coming to visit were Darel and Dottie Schneider, Mary and Chuck Vetter, Eileen Malsom, and Caroline Ternes.

Those visiting with Bob Schreiner were Mark Schreiner on several occasions.

Visiting with Irene Jahner were Kathy Kramer, Marie Feist, Cindy, Lovell, John Jahner, Margo Kramer, and Tina Gartner.

Visiting Valerie Heim this past week was Pat Horner on several occasions. Also visiting was Virgil Horner.

Stopping by to visit with Martha Heier were Kathy Hoffman, Ken Heier, and Leo and Johanna Heier.

Ellen Tuttle had company this past week to include Mike and John Ballard, Mary Jane Conn, Carl Schneider, Judy Rice, Carol Serr, Lorrene Baumgartner, Eleanor Nieuwsma, Shelly Ballard, Linda Rambough, Pastor Paul Brannan, and Robert and Wanda Serr.

Visiting Irene Baumgartner on a regular basis is Andy Baumgartner. She also had company to include Tony and Janice Baumgartner, Tom Baumgartner, Pete and Janel Baumgartner, Maggie Krumm, Mary Schumacher, Marlene Baumgartner, Desiree Ternes, Anchia Heidrich, Harry Heidrich, Mark Mittleider, Hayley Jangula, Wanda Heidrich, and Mary Ann Keller.

Visiting with Alvena Hehn were Judy Umber, Marlene Dykema, Teddie Vander Vorste, and Barbara Fjeldheim.

Freda Kiemele’s company this past week was Della Beck, Darlene Loebs, Dorothy Woehl, John and Shannon Beck, and Pastor Paul Brannan.

Those stopping to visit with Madge Leier wereAl Leier on several occasions. Also stopping in was Paul Leier, Larry Leier, Janice Baumgartner, Cindy Scherr, Carol Bosch, Bruce and Judy Leier, and Barbara and Victor Wald.

Eddie Kramer Sr. comes to the nursing home on a regular basis to visit with his wife, Helen, and with many of the other residents. Also visiting were Kathy Nagel, Eddie Jr., Lori and Mac Kramer, Nattie Nagel, Sandy Ternes, and Lorrene Baumgartner.

Stopping in to visit with Eileen Gienger this past week were Leo and Johanna Heier, Delores Deibert, Della Kary, and Ruth Mittleider.

Andy Feist’s company this past week was Pat and Mary Feist and Ernie Dykema.

Irene Will had company to include Deb Hochhalter, Oscar and Susan Will, Larry and Sharon Will, Chrisy Hochhalter, and Deb Hendrickson.

Ann Horner is here on a regular basis to visit with her husband, Linus Horner. Also stopping in was Gary Horner.

Bernice Goehring had company this past week to include Edwin Goehring on several occasions, as well as Carol Schick, Ed and Sue Nelson, Les Beck, Kris and Trevor Schick, and Russ and Kristin Schick and family.

VisitingwithBerniceKautz were Linda Rambough, Mary Jane Conn, and Carl Snyder.

Visiting Harley and Marion Vander Vorst this past week were Larry and Leanne Jakobsen, Kiley Jakobsen, Dale Vander Vorst, Mark Vander Vorst, Marlene Dykema, and Vicki Jakobsen.

Alvin Sauter’s company this past week was Evan Sauter, Steven Sauter, Crystal Knoepfle, Eric and Keriann Sauter, Ralph and Eleanor Nieuwsma, Clyde and Sandy Wilson, and Sara Sauter.

Phyllis Baumgartner’s company this past week was Alan and Amanda Baumgartner and family, Michael B. Baumgartner, Norman and Cathy Ackerman, Laura Holzer, Toby, Julie, and Megan Mertz, Agnes and Duane Aman, and Marie Feist.

Visiting Wilma Myers this past week were Rich and Carole Myers, Richelle Jangula, and Hayley Jangula.

Stopping in to visit with Dorothy Fuhrer were Ken Heier and Doris Van Beek.

Visiting with Margaret Baumgartner was Regina Senger.

Visitors of Minnie Geigle included Russ and Kristin Schick and family, Jerome Pool, and Vicki Jakobsen.

Julia Kiefer’s company this past week was Tom and Diane Kiefer, Julie, Haylie, and Bekka Bentz, Clarice Moser, Lorraine Kiefer, Marietta Dietz, and Lil Kunz.

Alice Heidrich’s visitors this past week were Tony and Cindy Heidrich, Wanda Heidrich,Andy Baumgartner, and Harry Heidrich.

Those stopping by to visit with Bernese Renz were Ruth Mittleider and Della Kary.

Lee and Sharon Klein came by to visit with Kathryn Klein.

Diana Moser stopped in to visit with Alvina Pagel.

Leslie Jenner was here to visit with Marie Dryja on several occasions.

Rita Aberle came by to visit with Delores Miller and Margaret Baumgartner.

Visiting Bobby Fischer has been his wife, Phyllis, on several occasions. Also stopping by were Ken Heier and Rita Mastel.

Bob and Marion Woods were here to visit with Bernice Kautz and Ellen Tuttle.

Aaron Wagner and Kevin Wagner were here to visit with Lena Wagner.

Virginia Mitzel stopped in to visit with many of the residents.

Cindy Bertsch was here to visit with Barbara Rahrich.

Stopping in to visit with IreneAnderson was Georgene Seibel.

Visiting with Gertie Vander Wal was Carol Larson.

Thursday morning, coffee and something new in Bingo started the activities followed by manicures in the activity room. The ladies were anxious to have their fingernails polished. Thank you, activity staff, for the manicures. In the afternoon, Carol Jean Dykema, lead the weekly scripture lesson and the hymn singing. Thank you to everyone that attended. The residents were treated to birthday cake and coffee for lunch. Several residents came to the activity room for card club. Everyone got to choose what card games they wished to play. The Minnesota Twins baseball game started at 6:10 p.m. with some of the residents watching it. Flippo was the evening’s activity.Albert Kraft, Andy Feist, Irene Anderson, Clinton Dykema, and Helen Kramer were the lucky money winners. Each lucky Flippo winner received a bag of Cheddar Chex Mix.

Friday morning, the residents started the activities of the day with SNIB and coffee. The residents visited with their friends while they had their snack. The ladies were treated to manicures from the activity staff. The ladies always enjoy the pampering. Thanks, activity staff, for the extras you do for the residents. The resident’s choice activity for the afternoon was Farkle. There sure was a lot of laughing and noise coming from the dining room as the residents shook the dice for Farkle. It was a fun afternoon. Doughnuts and coffee were served for lunch. “Memories of Mother” trivia was held in the evening. It was an interesting discussion on the things the residents told about their mothers. The residents enjoyed watching the Twins baseball game later in the activity room.

The Saturday morning activities consisted of coffee and something new in Bingo in the dining room followed by current events and let’s exercise in the activity room and also in the B-wing south solarium. The afternoon resident’s choice activity was bowling. The residents practiced for the Senior Olympics. Thank you to everyone that attended. Lemon bars and a choice of beverage were served for lunch. The Twins baseball game was at 6:10 p.m. if the residents wanted to watch.

Sunday started National Nursing Home Week. This year the theme is “Team Care, Everyone Pitches In.” Sunday was also Mother’s Day. Each of the ladies received a long-stem rose from the Care Center as a Mother’s Day gift. The ladies were so appreciative of the gift. The residents watched Mass from the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Linton on the TV. The Twins played baseball at 1:10 p.m. The afternoon Protestant Church and Communion Service was held by the First Baptist Church of Linton. Thank you, Pastor Paul Brannan, for your beautiful service. Thank you to everyone for helping out with the service. Thank you to Derry, Rebekah, and Brady Pool for including a variety of special songs. Lunch and fellowship followed in the dining room. The residents chose not to have another afternoon activity.

Monday morning began with coffee and something new in Bingo in the dining room. Book club followed after dinner.

The afternoon activity was “Wacky Bingo.” The residents were not sure what to expect. Irene Baumgartner donated cash to be used for some of the prizes. Several different Bingo games were played like “T” Bingo, “X” Bingo, 4-Corners Bingo, and Winner’s Choice Bingo, with a variety of prizes for the residents to choose from. It was a fun afternoon with everyone getting the prize of their choice. For lunch, the family of Irene Baumgartner provided decorated birthday cake and ice cream for the residents in honor of Irene’s birthday. Thank you for the delicious lunch. In the evening, it was our annual Ecumenical Memorial Service held in the chapel with a large crowd in attendance. The families of the residents that passed away in our facility over the past year were invited to attend this memorial service. Brian Schumacher, administrator, welcomed everyone. Pastor Floyd Haan gave an introduction, Pastor Paul Brannan read scripture, and Pastor Geary Dodd gave the meditation. The Rev. Arvin Roos closed with prayer. The service was led by the Emmons County Ministerial Association and Pastor Floyd Haan of Pollock, S.D. Each family member that attended in memory of their loved one was given a long-stemmed rose from our facility. Thank you to everyone that helped to make it such a special service. Chocolate chip cookies and coffee were served for lunch. Thank you to everyone that attended.

Tuesday morning, the residents attended SNIB and coffee in the dining room followed by feeling good group in the activity room. The ladies requested to have their hair done and their nails polished before the Mother’s Day Social. Pastor Geary Dodd led the weekly Bible study in the activity room after dinner. In the afternoon, the Mother’s Day Social was held in the dining room with a large crowd in attendance. The group was entertained by Darrell Brackel from Bismarck. Everyone enjoyed the variety of songs that Darrell sang. Darrell had several props that added to his program. The door prizes were given to 2 residents in attendance at the program that are 102 years old-Freda Kiemele and Ellen Tuttle. Each received 3 red roses. For lunch, the dietary department prepared chocolate Arizona dessert. Thank you to everyone that attended the social. It was a fun afternoon. In the evening, Kellie Wikenheiser led a sing-along in the dining room. The residents always enjoy Kellie playing her guitar and singing a variety of songs they like. Thank you, Kellie, for sharing your musical talents with the residents. Some of the residents tuned into watch the Twins play baseball after the music.

Wednesday was German Day. In the morning, the residents attended rosary and mass in the chapel. Thank you, Fr. Jason, for the mass. Lunch was served following the service. The activity room was a busy place as feeling good was a big hit. Everyone was so pretty with their hair fixed and their fingernails polished. Thanks, activity staff, for making the ladies feel so special. For dinner, the residents were treated to a German meal complete with “Ross’” noodles and sausage. What a treat for the residents and staff. The Twins game started at 12:10 p.m. with the residents watching in the activity room. Victor and Barbara Wald of Napoleon entertained the residents in the afternoon with a variety of old-time music selections for the residents, staff, and volunteers to dance to. Barbara is a sister to Madge Leier, a resident in our facility. The music kept the toes tapping. Thank you, Victor and Barbara, for a fun-filled afternoon. For lunch, kuchen bars and coffee were served. The activity staff read the news from the Emmons County Record and the Prairie Pioneer later in the afternoon. In the evening, the resident enjoyed old-time music on the TV in the activity room. It has been a busy but fun week for the residents.

Welcome to our newest resident, Gerhardt Rutschke. Gerhardt is from Zeeland and is familiar with our facility as he has been a volunteer for a number of years. Welcome Gerhardt. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Thank you to Masters Plan for donating several of their musical cassettes for the residents to enjoy. We appreciate your donation.

We express our sympathy to the family of Frank Gabriel. Frank passed away recently and we are keeping the Gabriel family in our prayers.

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