2013-05-23 / Letters

Readers Write

Dear Editor:

Here’s a check for another year for the Emmons County Record which I enjoy very much, especially the Hague news.

My name is Mary (Hulm) Chikis. I was born and raised four miles from Hague. I still know and remember a lot of people there so it’s like a letter from home.

Mary Chikis
Aptos, Calif.

Dear Editor:

Keep up the good work.

My wife and I grew up east of Strasburg. My wife was Amelia Krumm and my dad was the late Ignatz Mathern. I am in the St. Joseph Nursing Home in Edgeley.

Joe Mathern
Edgeley, N.D.

Dear Editor:

“Kudos” to the staff of the paper. You all really do an awesome job. Keep up the good job.

Jane Lang
Sterling, N.D.

Dear Editor:

I always look forward to this paper to read about family and friends back home.

Harold E. Schwartz
St. Louis, Mo.

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