2013-05-23 / Top News

Linton graduates awarded scholarships

Fourteen different scholarships were awarded to 13 Linton High School Graduates during the 2013 LHS commencement ceremony on May 19.

Karlee Feist, daughter of Gordon and Laura Feist, received the Jodi Jahner-Mosset Memorial Scholarship, the Wudtke-Berglund Scholarship, the Linton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, and the Linda Kress Memorial Scholarship.

Brock Nagel, son of Vern and Shar Nagel, received the Ron Schumacher Memorial Athletic Scholarship, the Jodi Jahner-Mosset Scholarship, and the Dan R. Richardson American Legion Post 54 Scholarship.

James Vetter, son of Lee- Ann Lipp and Terry Vetter, was the recipient of the Al Lipp Memorial Scholarship and the JJ Strong Scholarship.

Clay Jacob, son of Gerard and Lori Jacob, received the Emmons County Farm Bureau Scholarship.

Kayla Jacob, daughter of Rod and Denette Jacob, received the DuPont Pioneer Seed Scholarship.

Recipients of the Meier Family Scholarship were Levi Bernhardt, son of Kevin and Ann Bernhardt, Taylor Beck, daugher of John and Shannon Beck, and Haleigh Holzer, daughter of Paul and Jill Holzer.

Julie Hanson, daughter of Lyle and Cheryl Hanson, received the Dan R. Richardson American Legion Post 54 Scholarship.

Danielle Volk, daughter of Tim and Leann Volk, received the BNC National Bank Essay Scholarship.

Sarah Schell, daughter of Daryl and Kim Schell, received the Linton Lions Club Scholarship.

Samantha Barfield, daughter of Maria Schuetz, received the Linton Public School District Scholarship.

Ethen Roemmich, son of Troy and Jennifer Roemmich, was the recipient of the Ron Schumacher Athletic Scholarship.

• The Herbert and Esther Flegel Scholarship Trust was established in 2010. Beginning with the Linton High School Class of 2011, all graduating seniors are eligible to receive the scholarship after completing their first semester at a post-secondary school, and meeting further criteria. All 30 members of the LHS Class of 2012 received approximately $2,100 this year.

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