2013-06-13 / Columns

Back In Time


The Linton School Board voted unanimously to continue the breakfast program in 2003-04 school year. The 2003 Emmons County Family of the Year was the Albert Noel Jr. Family of Linton.


Drought prompts Emmons County to ask for help; temps in the high 90’s and steady dry winds destroyed much of the already bleak-looking crops. City of Linton hires new policeman and reduces bars license fee because of effect of drought.


The new N.D. drivers licenses are now on sale in four communities, Linton, Strasburg, Kintyre and Hazelton; adult license fee is $3.25 and junior fee, 14-17, is $1.75. Emmons County Motor Company of Linton operated by Andrew and Sylvester Schumacher has been selected as one of the nation’s outstanding Ford dealerships and will receive Ford Motor Company’s distinguished Achievement Award.


Wind storm hits near Braddock wrecking five buildings on the Naaden farm; hail damages crops. The Temvik Methodist Church is to be dedicated Sunday and will hold morning and afternoon services.

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