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Sannes family has enjoyed Linton and serving the area’s families

By Allan Burke

The Sannes Family includes Tammi and Paul and their sons, left to right, Will, Charlie and Jack. The Sannes Family includes Tammi and Paul and their sons, left to right, Will, Charlie and Jack. After 15 years of serving families in the Emmons County area through Myers Funeral Home in Linton, Paul and Tammi Sannes and their three sons are moving to Washburn on June 21.

The couple has entered into an agreement to purchase the Goetz Funeral Home, which has chapels in Washburn, Turtle Lake and Underwood, from Nathan and Andrea Grubb. Nathan will work with Paul during the transition period, and Paul will start in Washburn on July 1.

Paul was hired by former Myers Funeral Home owner Richard Myers in 1998 when he sold the funeral home to The Loewen Group, Inc. and continued as manager. In December of 2000, Tom Vertin of Vertin Family Funeral Homes, Breckenridge, Minn., purchased the funeral home, and Paul became manager with Richard helping out parttime. Richard and his wife, Carole, are now fully retired.

Paul and Tammi Sannes are both licensed funeral directors. Paul and Tammi Sannes are both licensed funeral directors. “We have enjoyed our time in Linton and especially value all of the families we have served,” Paul said.

“Linton is a great place to raise a family,” Tammi added.

Paul said his long-time goal has been to gain experience as a funeral director and then purchase his own funeral home. He is now 43, and he felt it was the right time to look at becoming an owner.

“Richard Myers and Tom Vertin have been great to work for, and I have learned a lot during my time in Linton,” Paul said. He is confident that the community will be in good hands and well-served by the new funeral director who will be announced soon.

Paul and Tammi said Nathan Grubb, owner of Goetz Funeral Home, is a friend, and he told them he wanted to start the process of selling his business.

“Goetz Funeral Home is comparable to Myers Funeral Home, and we think it will be a good fit for us,” Paul explained.

A residence is attached to the funeral home in Washburn, and the Sannes family will be moving into it. Their Linton home is for sale.

Vertin is in the process of hiring a funeral director to manage Myers Funeral Home.

Met in college

Paul and Tammi met while they were in mortuary science school at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, Minn., where they worked at the same funeral home as students.

Both are licensed funeral directors.

Paul is a native of Minot, and Tammi is originally from Bemidji, Minn.

After finishing college, Paul was a funeral director for Eastgate Funeral & Cremation

Service in Bismarck for seven years. There was no opening for another funeral director in Bismarck at that time, so Tammi worked for Aetna. After Paul joined the Myers Funeral Home staff, they moved to Linton, but Tammi commuted to Bismarck to work for Aetna until March of 2003. She then began working as a part-time funeral director and pre-need counselor at Myers Funeral Home.

“I learned so much from working with three of the best— Chuck and Bob Eastgate and Richard Myers,” Paul said, reflecting on his career.

Paul said he is a funeral director at heart and feels good that he can help grieving families through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

“It’s not the salary. It’s the thanks and hugs you receive from the family that makes it all worthwhile,” Paul said.

Family and community

Paul and Tammi have three sons. Will will be a sophomore in high school this fall; Jack will be in sixth grade and Charlie will be a first grader.

“Our boys have thrived in Linton, and we have enjoyed attending all of their school events,” Tammi said.

Will plays football, basketball and baseball and is an avid golfer on the school’s team. Jack is a Mass Server at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, and plays basketball and baseball and is also in the band. Charlie plays T-Ball and is active in the kids wrestling program at the school.

Paul and Tammi have been active in the community. He is a member of the Linton Fire Department and is the Tail Twister for the Linton Lions Club. He also helps with the Lions Club Calendar. He has been a member of the Linton Hospital Board for about 10 years, serves on the St. Anthony Church Council, is a Eucharistic Minister and is a church usher.

Tammi serves on the Emmons County Interagency Board, is a St.Anthony’s religion teacher and is a member of the Linton City Council, the Harry L. Petrie Library Board and the Linton Hospital Foundation Board. She is active with the Grad Finale Committee and chaired the event the past two years.

“We will miss all the people we’ve come to know over the past 15 years and look forward to getting acquainted in the Washburn area,” Paul and Tammi said. “We thank everyone for their support and friendships.”

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