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Wednesday, December 14, 2016 • 12 Noon CST
Herreid, S.D. • (605) 437-2265
• N. BECKER—complete dispersion of 320 cows coming with their 2nd calf consisting
of 165 red cows, coming 2nd calf, bred Charolais, due April 5; 55 bwf cows, coming
2nd calf, bred black, due April 5; 100 black cows, coming 2nd calf, bred black and
Hereford, due April 5. All these cows come from reputation herds as bred heifers. Most
all of them are one iron cows, real nice set of young cows, all raised a calf last year.
• N. BECKER—135 fancy Red Angus heifers, 1,050-1,100 lbs., bred to LBW Red Angus
bulls, ultrasound tested, pre-breeding shots and wormed and are as follows: 90 heif-ers
due March 10 for 20 days; 25 heifers due April 1 for 30 days; 20 heifers due May
1 for 30 days.
• K. HULM—45 Red Angus heifers, super fancy, 1,050-1,100 lbs. and are out of AI breed-ing.
All reproductive shots and Scour Boss: 35 AI’d to Bieber Federalist, due March 1
for one day; 10 heifers bred to LBW Red Angus bull due March 21 for 20 days.
• D & R GRENZ—113 black and red heifers, blacks bred black, reds bred red, ultrasound
tested, due March 5 for two 20-day periods as follows: 50 black heifers due March
5-25; 40 red heifers due March 5-25; 15 black due March 26-April 4; 8 red due March
26-April 14. Very gentle heifers, pre-breeding shots, Preguard Vira Shield 6, Scour
Boss 9, 68-78 lb. proven birth weight bulls.
• D. ROSSOW—45 black heifers, home-raised, 1,050-1,100 lbs., bred to LBW Black
Angus bulls, ultrasound tested, due April 1 for 30 days, no brands, pre-breeding shots
and poured.
• ROCK RIVER RED ANGUS—80 Red Angus cows, 3 to 4 years old, bred Charolais,
due March 1.
• JX RANCH—45 black cows, 3 to 4 years old, bred black, due March 1.
• J. GEORGE—50 2nd calf black cows, bred black to Schmidt black bulls, due March 15,
poured and running on corn stalks.
• T VETTER—30 black heifers, bred black, due March 10.
• S. BOELLER—30 Red Angus heifers, bred to Beiber Red Angus bulls, due March 15.
• GROSS CATTLE CO.—20 black heifers, AI bred to Schefelbein bulls, due March 25 for
60 days; 22 black heifers, bred to Silvernagel black bulls, due March 25 for 60 days;
13 red heifers, AI bred to Heritage bulls, due March 25 for 60 days. Cleaned up with
Bauman Red Angus and Kuhn Red Angus bulls due March 25.
• T. JOCHIM—60 black baldy heifers, bred to black bulls, due March 25-April 20, ultra-sounded,
Scour Boss shot and poured.
• P. VAN BEEK—40 black cows, 6 years to broken mouth, bred black, due April 1.
These cows and heifers will all be tested prior to the sale by the
Ashley Vet Clinic. For more information, call Herreid Livestock
Auction 605-437-2265 or Joe Vetter 701-391-3479,
JR Scott 605-359-7358, Kent Fjeldheim 605-848-3459.
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