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North Central Farmers Elevator & SD Wheat Growers
We are a group of members of one or both co-ops involved in the proposed
merger. We are NOT against co-operatives! In fact, just the opposite is
true. We want to keep BOTH successful co-operatives. Our objective is to
maintain the current competitive environment which exists because co-ops
vie for our business.
Our Reasons for
Competitive Grain Pricing, Discounts, and Basis
(Farmers work hard and deserve the best possible price for their product)
Competitive Fertilizer, Chemical, and Seed Expenditures
(In today’s economic environment, Farmers need the lowest bid possible on inputs)
Farmer Owned, Farmer Controlled
When restructuring creates a mega co-operative, the administration can
get far removed from the co-op’s member orientation. It is our concern that
a mega co-operative might shift to an entity with an identity that is more
corporate than co-operative. It could seek non-member business or outside
investors and lose its member-user orientation. The mega co-operative may
focus on the interest of its larger production members at the expense of its
smaller ones. The cooperative’s administration has to be ever mindful that
“the tail doesn’t wag the dog,” so that the co-op does not take on a life of its
own apart from its members’ control.
Free Stuff
(Farmers need numerous free coats & hats for when the wife says,
“Throw that filthy thing away!”)
(On a more serious note, the merger may affect the amount of donations
available for organizations, fundraisers, and charities.)
For More Information
Join the conversation on Facebook. Search Facebook: Anti Merger Alliance
Or email us at:
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