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Employee of the Month
Lily Marx is a RN and works in the Nursing
Department. She is always going above and
beyond in her duties to help out patients and
co-workers. Lily is thorough in her patient
research so that her care can be holistic. She
always brings a great and positive attitude to
every shift that she works. Lily started working
at the Linton Hospital in May of 2015.
Congratulations Lily!
& CLINICS Lily Marx
Hometown medical providers that you know and trust.
Linton Medical Center
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4pm
Hazelton Clinic
Hours: Monday 9am-12pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Campbell County Clinic
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-4pm
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