Letter to the Editor – Re: Disappointed by Fourth of July Float 7-21-22

Letter says; “I am sorry to say that I was disappointed in a float bearing a SD license plate with an effigy of the President of the United States”  You mean the unelected President BOZO that was Elected by Organized Crime! The article also states: “we should respect them for the office they hold.” “What adults do and say influences […]

Letter to the Editor – America

In response to the July 21 Letter to the Editor I fully agree with the first part of your letter. We as Americans are super proud of our freedoms our nation has given us. I have the utmost respect for our country, flag, military, and any citizen who respects our great nation with admiration and gratitude.  I ask you though, […]

Letter to the editor – Preferential treatment for some but not for others

There is a situation in southern Emmons County where an individual got the County Commissioners to close a portion of 9th Ave. SE to local truck traffic without giving any consideration to the inconvenience and hardship this caused to local producers trying to get their commodities to market. I’m sure there are other like situations of this nature in Emmons […]

Letter to the editor – Disapointed by Fourth of July float

Every year we have a Fourth of July parade to celebrate the beginning of our country, a democracy called the United States of America.  We are proud of the freedoms our country gives us, Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms to name a few. To show our pride and citizenship, our country […]

Letter to the Editor – A Call for Party Unity

It is with the highest sense of humility that I thank you for your support in the June 14 primary election.  Jeff Magrum, SuAnn Olson and I are excited to work for you in the legislature as the District 8 Republican team The primary election in this district premiered a divide in the Republican Party between the “Country Club Republicans” […]


Makes me wonder if they know they are not protected by Law with 42 U.S. C. #1983 Civil Rights? “Deprivation of Rights.” Even the President can be sued using this. A few elected officials in the town of Linton are blinded by the Light. So are parasites! Depriving of rights while working under the color of law against public officials […]

Letters to the editor – Hi, Emmons County!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the support and positivity you have shown and also for welcoming me into your community over the last couple of months.  I have built friendships that I hope last well beyond the election cycle and look forward to continuing to participate in community activities. I did things […]

Letter to the editor – ‘Bravo! Bravo!’

The event coordinators of this year’s Emmons County Dairy and Ag Day — including Crystal Jahner, Billie Schumacher, Acacia Stuckle, and Valerie Weber — deserve a standing ovation for the June 10 celebrations. From beginning to end, the day did not disappoint! Anyone who has ever been part of a collaborative effort to bring large projects to fruition can empathize […]


Authoritarian leaders who know when they are losing tend to activate personal government disruption. This was the case with Adolf Hitler, when he realized that he was losing as the Russian army was advancing from the east and American and allied armies from the west. The first order from Hilter if any post was abandoned and there was no chance […]

Letter to the Editor – ‘This is what you call community’

June 1 marked the first day of Linton’s Summer 2022 T-ball Program, and I witnessed something beautiful that day.  Up until the day prior to its scheduled start date, the program had yet to find a coach or manager, but then one individual, a local mother and grandmother, stepped up to the plate. With the assistance of two Linton high-school […]

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