2019-12-12 E-Edition

Emmons Logan II Wind Project plan announced at commissioners’ meeting

NextEra proposes to add 300 MW

The Emmons County Commissioners were expecting an update on the Emmons-Logan Wind Project at their Tues., Dec. 3, 2019, regular meeting, but they got an update plus breaking news from NextEra Energy Resources. Clay Cameron, senior project manager renewable development for NextEra, and Tom Von Bische, community development leader, met with the commissioners. Cameron said NextEra Energy Resources is proposing […]

Larry Leier is honored for Farm Rescue work

Larry Leier of rural Hague has been recognized as November’s Farm Rescuer of the Month. Larry is a farmer, rancher and proud father of seven. Although this is his first year volunteering with Farm Rescue, his connection to the organization began more than a decade ago when Farm Rescue provided assistance on his family’s farm. Farm Rescue provided a helping […]

From the Heartland

After a snowy weekend, the heartland is scheduled for another dose of the white stuff on Friday. This week’s daytime highs are guessed at between 18 and 32 degrees with nighttime lows from 3 to 14 degrees. Those numbers are much better than the 14-below-zero low earlier this week. It varies by location, but the heartland has received about 36 […]

Good News

from the Emmons County Ministerial Association

“Spare His Life God” I was landscaping a drainage ditch with a four-wheel drive Versatile tractor pulling an earth scraper 20 miles south of Jamestown. I set the bit in the ground and began filling the scraper. Dirt began to quickly roll into the large bucket. I focused my attention back to the front of the tractor to follow the […]

H-M-B School concert slated

Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock School will hold its K-12 Christmas concert on Monday, Dec. 16 from 7-8:30 p.m. The sophomore supper will be held from 5-7 p.m.

Linton school concert slated

The Linton Public School will hold its 5–12 Christmas Concert, Monday, Dec. 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school gym under the direction of Mrs. Michelle Schumacher. All are welcome to enjoy the talents of the students.

Zeeland school concert slated

Zeeland Public School will present a Christmas Concert on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the school gym. All music students in grades PK-12 will perform a mix of favorite and lesser-known Christmas songs. A craft and goodies auction will be held following the concert by the school booster club. All donations are welcome.

Celebrations of Faith

HOPE REFORMED CHURCHWestfield, N.D.Rev. Shawn AbbasSunday10:00 a.m.—Sunday School11:00 a.m.—Worship ServiceHULL CHRISTIANREFORMED CHURCHHull, N.D.Rev. Shawn AbbasSunday9:00 a.m.—Worship ServiceCatechism School7:00 p.m.—WorshipSTRASBURG REFORMEDCHURCHStrasburg, N.D.Rev. Floyd HaanSunday9:15 a.m.—WorshipEVANGELICALPRESBYTERIAN CHURCHHazelton, N.D.Sunday9:00 a.m.—Service.Wednesday (Jan-April)2:00 p.m.—Good News ClubSTS. PETER & PAULCATHOLIC CHURCHStrasburg, N.D.Rev. Shannon LuchtConfessions: 1 hr. before MassSaturday4:00 p.m.—MassSunday8:45 a.m.—MassST. ANDREW CATHOLICCHURCHZeeland, N.D.Saturday, Dec. 7, 14, 21, 284:00 p.m.—Confessions4:30 p.m.—MassST. PATRICK CATHOLICCHURCHWishek, N.D.Sunday, Dec. 1, 8, […]

Noxious Weeds: If you don’t mind, who will?

(Editor’s note: This is the sixth of a series of stories by Emmons County NDSU Extension Agent Emily Trzpuc on noxious weeds.) Absinth Wormwood If you’re like me, you love the different aromas of summer time. The fresh cut grass, flowers blooming everywhere and steak being grilled on a warm summer night bring back fond memories of summer time. One […]